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bottle legend vacuum flask stainless steel reusable bottle
bottle legend vacuum flask 2023
  • Our Story

    Bottle Legend is established by a team of young generation who are keen to protect the Earth from further pollutions due to the increasing usage of plastics. We are located in the city of Kuala Lumpur of the western Malaysia. Our signature water bottles help reserve the water at a longer time while traveling outside or hiking. We intend to contribute to less consumption of plastics and waste of water.

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    Our Story


The Earth is under huge pressure of being polluted by plastics and toxic materials, industrial liquid affects etc. It is our responsibility to protect our motherland, to reduce the usage of non-reusable plastics and to cut down the export of waste.

Bottle Legend is located in the western Malaysia, where we have supplied eco-friendly vacuum flasks, coffee mugs and wine tumblers to a great variety of customers in the lovely country.

Coffee Insulated

Elegant and modern coffee tumbler. Grab your coffee and just go. Keep your coffee well served for longer time and enjoy the moment.

13 ounce just fit for your daily coffee need.

MAX 12 Hours temperature control for cold drinks


  • Vacuum Flask Manufacturing Process

    Vacuum Flask Manufacturing Process

    outlines the technical requirements and manufacturing process for vacuum flasks. The process involves selecting appropriate materials, welding the walls together, creating a vacuum insulation layer, and applying a protective coating. The process requires specialized equipment and skilled technicians to ensure high-quality flasks that provide reliable insulation properties. Vacuum flasks are used in various applications, including camping, hiking, and laboratories.

  • Vacuum Flask Manufacturing Process

    Vacuum Flask Manufacturing Process

    Technical Requirements 1. Material The first technical requirement is the selection of appropriate materials. The inner chamber of the flask should be made of high-quality stainless steel that is resistant to corrosion and rust. The outer wall should be made of a durable material such as plastic, stainless steel, or aluminum. The material used for… Read More »Vacuum Flask Manufacturing Process

  • 3 Tips That A Salesman Will Not Tell You When Buying Thermos Flask

    3 Tips That A Salesman Will Not Tell You When Buying Thermos Flask

    When you walk into a shopping mall or supermarket, you’ll find plenty of thermos cups on the shelves with different price tags. In general, the more expensive thermos has better quality. When purchasing a thermos cup, there are some tips that a salesman will not take the initiative to tell you.