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vacuum tumbler 900ml

(13 customer reviews)


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High Quality Stainless Steel Vacuum Tumbler

Capacity: 30oz / 900ml

Size: 20cm x 7cm

Material: SUS304

Weight: 272g


Perfect Delivery ??

Perfect Packaging ??

Perfect material and thermos performance ?? Keep cold up-to 13hrs, keep warm up-to 10 hrs ?✨✨❤️

You can use it to take cold water, cold cola, cold beer, coffee or anyother drinks ?✨✨❤️

Be free to wasap us or send us mail for any request or help, we will do our best to get your ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review

13 reviews for vacuum tumbler 900ml

  1. Ravi Patel

    receive the tumbler after a week time of order, delivery is very satisfying. vacuum function very nice, color also look so good, cantik lawaaa, tq seller

    • bottlelegend

      dear customer, thank you so much for your comment. wish you a happy shopping experience with us 🙂

  2. Chentan Ismail1997

    cantik warna waaa, maroon baik cantik tq seller yaa

    • bottlelegend

      thank you so much for your order 🙂 we are so happy that you like our vacuum tumbler, thank you very much

  3. Danny1996 Anderson

    Selamat sampai, baik kuality????

  4. Jaba Rein

    really nice tumbler, so easy and convenient to carry in the car?

  5. Celina AI

    dalam keadaan baik walau kotak kemek, memang tahan sejuk dari pagi petang masih ada ais ??

  6. michael cui

    Penghantaran pantas
    Pakaging pun bagus
    Barang sampai dalam keadaan yang baik ??
    Tumbler ni sangat cantik dan besar

  7. Omni1995 Lam

    barrang sampai hari ini,,,cpt hantr, tq seller, baik vacuum flask

  8. Ali ismai

    color is so beautiful, my wife is happy with this present, price is really competitive compare to thermos, good

  9. Hanna Chasm

    worthy the money???

  10. Zalikenny Francis

    Barang sampai cepat?????

  11. Sabina Ruiss

    barang sampai, baik kuality, tq seller

  12. Sunnybee Shella

    thank you for very fast delivery, it is a very beautiful vacuum bottle

  13. Fanna Moi

    barang sampai, cpt?

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